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SFE's Thermal Barrier Technology

Today code & fire officials are requiring the use of a fire retardant thermal or ignition barrier when using SPF to insulate buildings.

It's not just about satisfying code requirements, but more importantly helping to save lives and physical property.

Choosing the right fire retardant product that has proven credentials is important. Older cementitous "mud" fire barrier products are difficult to apply and need a thick unsightly layer to provide adequate flame protection. FLAME SEAL-TB™ - THERMAL BARRIER FOAM COATING

Flame Seal Products, Inc. is pleased to introduce the first thin film paint-on thermal barrier for urethane foam to successfully pass the UL-1715 Room Fire Test.

This ultra thin layer fire retardant coating is less than half the thickness of the width of a credit card. Flame Seal - TB™ is an intumescent fire resistant coating that expands up to 100 times its original thickness, creating a protective layer that cools the SPF surface. It's easy to apply and provides an aesthetically pleasing form of fire protection for building and house owners.

Flame Seal - TB™ Credentials & Code Compliance
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Flame Seal - TB™
Watch the Informative 7-minute video from Flame Seal Products, Inc. & Specialty Products, Inc.
Click the video to watch the Flame Seal – TB™ ICC Qualified Intumescent
SPF Thermal & Ignition Barrier Video (7:03)